Sunday, May 6, 2018

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Released: Sunday 6th May 2018

Welcome to our May 2018 Blog where we focus this month on whether Australia and Indonesia are, indeed, 
'Strangers next Door'or whether the bi-lateral relationship has developed into a genuinely deeper connection.

Our lead article this month is a review of the book, 'Strangers next door' by Dave McRae and Tim Lindsey.
The review was published in The Jakarta Post and was written by veteran journalist Duncan Graham.

This review generated a somewhat terse response from the Australian Embassy in Jakarta and that reply
from senior embassy official Allaster Cox is shown under 'COMMENTS' at the conclusion of the review.
A response to the comments from Allaster Cox, was then published in the same newspaper by 
the president of the Perth-based Indonesia Institute, Ross Taylor.

So what is YOUR view on this critical subject, as whilst we debate the status of the bi-lateral relationship, one
thing is clear: Our future rests with our respective youth. Indonesia has around 90 million people under 30. 

As Indonesia Institute president Ross Taylor said recently....

"Young Indonesian's are tech-savvy and many want to travel. Australia makes is very hard for young Indonesians 
to visit us. 
Red tape and restrictive visa procedures encourage young Indonesians to travel to other destination.

Meanwhile, young Australians who wish to study and seek work experience in Indonesia, experience equal
 'mountains' of red tape and bureaucratic requirements from Indonesian authorities, making it almost impossible 
to renew a study visa whilst in Indonesia.

Both nations enjoy a close relationship lead by President Jokowi and PM Malcolm Turnbull. But nice words and 'good 
feelings' from politicians, NGO's, a few business people and educators, won't provide the 'scale' in which to achieve 
long-term and deeper relations.

What we need is less defensiveness from our respective authorities about this matter and more open discussion 
about how we can genuinely get a much greater movement of people between out two wonderful nations; 
lead by our youth."

Other articles covered in this month's Blog include:

"Lost in translation: The Jawa Pos", By Frank Palmos.
"Why many 'Kartini' study abroad: A reflection from Australia", By Gena Lysistrata.
"Indo & Vanuatu; dole woes & IP theft"; By Greg Earl

We hope you enjoys these current and excellent articles and you can access our blog by clicking below or 
scrolling down:

With our best regards

Lisa Bentley
Indonesia Institute Inc

6th May 2018

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